Template Downloads and Guidelines

Helpful information on setting up your artwork for print, download templates and guidelines for print can be found on this page.

Add Cutlines to Sticker Artwork

Cut Contour – Download an Adobe Illustrator file with our CutContour Swatch for setting up die cut prints or stickers here.

How to add Bleed and Trim Marks to Canva Artwork

Instructions on how to save your Canva artwork file with bleed and trim marks for a print ready file can be downloaded here.

How to Add Bleed & Crops in Adobe Illustrator

Please note that, although this tutorial is specific to Adobe Illustrator but the same principles and guidelines apply to other design software.

Business Card Templates

Business Card Template Size: 90mm x 55mm

Presentation Folder Templates

Standard Folder
A4 With 5mm Gusset
Final size 225 x 319mm

Double Flap Folder
No Gusset
Final size 226 x 310mm

Double Flap Folder
With 5mm Gusset
Final size 220 x 320mm

Pull Up Banner Templates

Information to consider when creating your marketing material – Marketing Check List