Advertise Your Business on the Go


  • 10 times stronger bond than traditional car magnets
  • 25% lighter at .6mm thickness
  • Protective backing
  • Silicon layer strengthens the bond while protecting the cars paint.

How Car Magnets Can Benefit Your Business

  • Increase brand awareness. Car magnets are a great way to get your business name and logo in front of potential customers. Every time your car is on the road, your business is being advertised.
  • Generate leads. Car magnets can generate leads for your business by providing potential customers with a way to contact you. You can include your website address, phone number, or email address on your car magnets.
  • Increase sales. Car magnets can increase sales by driving traffic to your business. When potential customers see your car magnet, they may be more likely to visit your business.

Why Choose Our Car Magnets?

  • High-quality materials. Our car magnets are made of high-quality materials that are built to last. They will not fade or crack in the sun, and they will not peel off your car.
  • Durable construction. Our car magnets are made with a patented Silicon layer that strengthens the bond while protecting the cars paint. They are also 25% lighter than traditional car magnets, making them easier to install and remove.
  • Affordable prices. Our car magnets are priced affordably, so you can get the advertising you need without breaking the bank.

Order your car magnets today and start advertising your business on the go!

Available in the following standard sizes or contact us for a custom size.

  • 250mm x 500mm
  • 250mm x 600mm
  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 300mm x 450mm
  • 300mm x 600mm
  • 400mm x 600mm
  • 450mm x 600mm
  • 300mm x 1200mm
  • 600mm x 1200mm

Please note: Weather conditions, garaged conditions, the UV of the area and chemicals used for washing the vehicle will all impact the longevity of the magnet.